At NSP Park Services, we’re dedicated to transforming athletic spaces into arenas of excellence with professional installations of SportMaster court surfacing products. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly, durable, and versatile court surfaces for a wide array of sports. From local parks to professional arenas, our certified installations elevate performance, safety, and enjoyment for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

NSP Park Services is a certified professional installer of SportMaster court surfacing products.

Eco-friendly courts for every sport: versatile and sustainable surfaces

SportMaster’s commitment to sustainability and performance is evident in their 100% acrylic, water-based sports surfaces. As the choice of professionals for USA Pickleball and the US Professional Tennis Association, these surfaces offer low environmental impact, safety for athletes, and aesthetic flexibility with a wide range of color options.

Explore endless design possibilities with their innovative Court Designer tool here.


SportMaster’s advanced tennis court surfaces surpass traditional coatings with advanced acrylic systems engineered for durability, consistent speed, and weather resistance. As the official surface of major tennis associations like the USPTA, SportMaster ensures vibrant colors, optimal texture, and performance across all conditions. Whether indoor or outdoor, our surfaces meet the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals.


From parks and schools to clubs and homes, basketball and multi-purpose courts are a staple of communities worldwide. SportMaster systems offer the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor court surface, no matter where you are. Offering protection from weather, vibrant aesthetics, and enhanced safety, our coatings extend the lifespan of your courts while ensuring they look and perform their best. Versatile application options cater to a wide range of facilities, ensuring top-quality playability for every game.


As pickleball gains popularity, the demand for high-quality courts increases. SportMaster’s PickleMaster surfacing systems provide a specialized texture for non-slip gameplay, extending the life of pickleballs and ensuring thrilling matches. With a 17 colors to choose from and engineered for pickleball’s specific gameplay needs, our surfaces set the stage for endless hours of play. 

Additionally, recognizing the growing trend of repurposing underutilized tennis courts into vibrant pickleball arenas, we specialize in these transformations. We offer our expertise to renovate your space into multiple, high-quality pickleball courts tailored to community needs and preferences.


SkateMaster surfaces offer the ultimate in performance and creativity for inline skating, roller hockey, and more. Whether you’re a casual skater looking for a fun way to stay active or a competitive inline hockey player demanding the best, SkateMaster delivers the optimal surface for your needs. Customize your area with a variety of colors and adjust the texture for specific activities. Our surfaces are perfect for parks, playgrounds, and multi-sport courts, designed for both fun and competitive play.