Reconditioning services

Keep your playgrounds and courts in peak condition with our Reconditioning Services, ensuring every child enjoys a safe and vibrant place to play.

Transform your playgrounds into enchanting spaces for endless fun and discovery.

Scheduled maintenance

Enlist our scheduled maintenance services when staff resources are limited. We’ll make regular rounds to your parks, providing a full suite of essential services. Ensure your playgrounds are always safe, vibrant, and inviting with our comprehensive scheduled maintenance services.

By partnering with us for your scheduled maintenance needs, you’re not just maintaining your playgrounds—you’re investing in their future. Let’s create lasting, joyful experiences for your community together, worry-free.

Certified inspections

Cpsi professional

Enlist our CPSI-certified inspection team for an expert safety audit of your playgrounds. Whether a certified inspection of a new playground prior to opening, a one-time deep dive or ongoing rotational checks, our seasoned pros will meticulously examine every aspect. You’ll receive thorough, reliable reports detailing any compliance issues or needed upkeep. It’s the professional safety net that ensures your play areas always meet the highest standards for worry-free fun.

Catch potential hazards early with our high and low frequency testing. Our certified CPSI team conducts an intense, meticulous examination – scouring every inch of your equipment and surfaces for even subtle issues. After this thorough inspection, you’ll receive detailed reports documenting all findings. It’s a vital ounce of prevention to keep your play areas operating safely and avoid bigger problems down the line. Let our experts provide that extra set of eyes for optimal peace of mind.

High-frequency inspections

Maintaining a safe play environment requires vigilant monitoring. That’s where our high frequency inspections shine. Each month, our team conducts thorough site and equipment audits to swiftly identify any emerging issues before they escalate. We meticulously assess every aspect, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of potential hazards.

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Our periodic in-depth inspections ensure long-term playground safety and integrity. Whether quarterly or biannual, our crew conducts ultra-thorough examinations – scrutinizing every facet of equipment and surfaces. This comprehensive audit detects even subtle potential dangers before escalation.

While less frequent than regular check-ins, these meticulous evaluations preserve peak operating condition and extend equipment lifespan. It’s vital prevention allows you to confidently provide an exceptional community play experience year after year. Trust our diligence for total peace of mind.


When it comes to upholding the highest safety and operational standards, our annual compliance audit pulls out all the stops. From surface to summit, our seasoned inspectors conduct a thorough assessment of each component to ensure it meets the strictest compliance criteria.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a detailed report overviewing our findings and recommendations for any necessary improvements or corrective actions. It’s the ultimate accountability tool, providing visibility into your amenities’ condition and spotlighting areas that need preventative measures. Count on this audit to safeguard an exceptional play experience year after year.